Taboo Identity: The Revolution of Kay Taylor Parker

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On DVD February 13, 2018

"A Taboo Identity" explores Kay Taylor Parker's 30+ year journey from being a 1980's legend in the adult film industry to her current work as a metaphysical counselor. The film addresses today's challenge of identity branding and the now common issue of "past vs. present"... a struggle faced by many in our changing time. Social psychologist, David W. Wahl introduces the viewer to Kay Taylor Parker and the self she has come to terms with. He presents the systematic identity work that Kay has utilized in order to get to where she is now. In the course of this identity work, Wahl presents the ever widening gap between sexuality and spirituality where the "taboo" element of Kay's past has overshadowed what she considers to be her real work as a spiritual healer. Friends of Kay's join in the discussion to discuss her journey. Included are Seka, Howie Gordon, Bill Margold, Eric Edwards, Jill Schoelen, Adam Rifkin, and Leon Isaac Kennedy. A Taboo Identity is a documentary about rebirth with all the struggles and conflicts that are inherent within the process. The film explores Kay's loving and deeply caring nature and how the world has embraced it as much as it has misunderstood it. This is a documentary that will satisfy not only Kay's many fans around the globe but also academic and spiritual communities. A Taboo Identity provides viewers with a long and unflinching look at the actualization of Kay Taylor Parker. History: In 1980, an adult film was released that shocked viewers and the industry alike with its central subject matter - incest. That film was called "Taboo", and it went on to become the highest grossing adult film of its era. It also paved the way for a series that held the same name and distinction. The controversial film and series was instrumental in launching the celebrity of the movie's star, Kay Parker.

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