2006 Comedy/Romance Rated PG-13 85 Minutes


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On DVD March 28, 2006

Professor Mal Downey makes history when he develops a computer, named Jerry, which can interact like a human being.

His bosses, however, aren't impressed, and the mild-mannered professor has just two weeks to publish his data or be fired. Mal convinces his friend Jane to run a contest in her magazine that will prove a woman can fall in love with a computer as fast as, or faster than, she would with a real man.

Unfortunately for Jerry, that man happens to be Professor Troy Rollins, a.k. Dr. Love, an expert in the art of seduction. The woman he is competing for is Samantha, a struggling actress who thinks Jerry is a real man she met over the Internet.

As the contest progresses, Mal starts to fall in love with Samantha too, and an all-out war for her heart begins. Will Mal save his job and win the girl? Or will Dr. Love have the right prescription? Is love an exact science or is it really a magical chemical reaction otherwise known as....ALCHEMY!

Rated PG-13.

Released by Monarch Entertainment. See more credits.