Casting Couch: 'Harold & Kumar' make some fast friends... and more

Posted Wednesday, January 31, 2007 at 5:18 PM Central

by John Couture

Every so often, along comes a film that defies all convention. They're so odd and kooky that you have to just fall in love with it. Dude, Where's My Car? is a great example. Here's Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Garner in the stupidest comedy movie ever, and it just works.

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle is another such comic gem. So, it's no surprise that we're all over any news about the sequel that started filming last week in Louisiana.

Besides John Cho and Kal Penn, who will be reprising their titular characters, 11 other names have been confirmed for Harold & Kumar 2. David Krumholtz and Eddie Kaye Thomas reprise their roles of Goldstein and Rosenberg while Christopher Meloni will be back in his pivotal role of Freakshow. Paula Garces returns as Harold's would be girlfriend. Newcomers to the action include Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, Jack Conley, Roger Bart, Danneel Harris and Eric Winter.

And yes, Neil Patrick Harris will be reprising his role as himself. If you somehow missed the first movie, he was without a doubt the scene stealer.

The plot follows the doping duo as they get on a plane with the intent of following Harold's love interest to Amsterdam, but they get thrown for a detour when a passenger suspects that Kumar is a terrorist.

Hilarity ensues as the twosome makes their way from Guantanamo Bay through the Deep South back to their happy little garden state, New Jersey.

We are required by law to report on any news concerning Ben Stiller. It's called the Something About Mary statute, and no the news is not that Christine Taylor finally broke out of her voodoo trance and realized that she married Zoolander.

Nope, today we are proud happy excited required by law to inform you that yes, another Focker movie is in the works. Apparently, Teri Polo has been bribed to come back for Meet the Little Focker.

If the title is any indication (and really when is it not?) it seems that the Fockers will finally be having a kid of their own. I guess the whole "we're babysitting for four months" storyline from Meet the Fockers hasn't been run into the ground yet.

The over and under on Focker name jokes in the movie is set at 37. Any takers?