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DVD American Justice: Scott Peterson 2013
Drew Peterson: Untouchable DVD Drew Peterson: Untouchable

Rob Lowe
Kaley Cuoco
Catherine Dent
James C. Burns

Oscar Peterson: Stuttgart 2011
Resonance Big Band Plays the Legacy of Oscar Peterson 2009
NFL: All Day with Adrian Peterson DVD NFL: All Day with Adrian Peterson 2009
Oscar Peterson: Life of a Legend 2009
Oscar Peterson: Berlin In '63, '64 & '65 2008
Oscar Peterson Trio: Berlin Concert DVD Oscar Peterson Trio: Berlin Concert 2007
Wolfgang Peterson Collection

Multi-Movie Set

Jock Peterson

Jack Thompson
Jacki Weaver
Joey Hohenfels

The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story

Dean Cain
G.W. Bailey
Sarah Brown
David Denman

Oscar Peterson: Music in the Key of Oscar 2004

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