Rates for Ingles Video

Game Rentals
1 Game rental, 1 Night $2.00

DVD Rentals
1 DVD, 1 Night $1.20

Blu-Ray Rentals
1 Blu-ray, 1 Night $1.50
Rates are listed at a daily rate, however Customers may rent any title for multiple nights.

Additional Fees
All rentals are due back before midnight. For example, 1-night item(s) rented on Monday are due back Tuesday before midnight. There will be an additional charge at the titles rate if the title is past the date due to return. For example, If you rented a DVD for two nights and ended up keeping the title for three night, you would an additional nights rental of $1.20.

Membership requirements
Picture ID, proof of mailing address, and Ingles Advantage card are required. Note that rentals are limited to one item per visit until return history has been established.